• Attendant Schedule[+]

    Online Appointments are currently available again!

    Schedule for the Week:

    Sunday: Joan Cantor - 804 305 5703

    Monday: Deena Klestzick - 713 614 4332

    Tuesday: Ettie Klestzick - 214 732 0371

    Wednesday: Contact Rivka Bart - 804 767 0117

    Thursday: Julia Roth - 804 908 5413

    Friday: Contact Rivka Bart 804-767-0117

    Saturday: Sharyl Freedlander - 804 221 9171

    If you prefer to come with a buddy or need to cancel an appointment please contact the attendant of that day.

    If you need an appointment for Friday or Yom Tov you must contact the Attendant for that evening to make one.

Online Appointments are currently available again!

For Friday Night, Special Hours, or Last Minute Appointments please call the Attendant of that day. Attendant Schedule is available above by clicking the + sign.

If there any questions or concerns please call Rivka Bart 804-767-0117 or Ettie Klestzick - 214 732 0371

The Mikvah is located at 6606 Patterson Avenue.


IMPORTANT! We at the Mikvah are in contact with Rabbi Asher and other Mikvaos in monitoring the Coronavirus situation.

All patrons can prepare at the Mikvah. If you are unvaccinated you need to wear a mask in the foyer.

If you are sick or exhibiting symptoms, please speak with Rabbi Asher before using the Mikvah.

Thank you all for your understanding.

If you wish to pay your donation online please click the Donate Button AFTER you press CONFIRM to schedule your appointment.
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